💎About Multi AI

With the growing popularity of AI-based services, there are many developers capable of creating something valuable, but the efforts of a single developer may not be enough to popularize their truly useful product. This idea is at the core of the MULTI AI project. MULTI AI is a platform for open-source products built using artificial intelligence technology. The project aims to bring people all over the world together with AI services to create a strong bond using the Web 3.0 platform. By leveraging blockchain technology, Multi AI seeks to provide more opportunities, simplify processes, and make it easier for people to transition to the new Web 3.0-based system. Our service provides a unique opportunity to use all the most in-demand neural networks in one place at a fair price, and with the help of blockchain, we can ensure complete transparency of the service. Any author can monetize their AI model, which will be deployed within our server and run on Nvidia T4 GPU / Nvidia A100. With its innovative concept and with the support of Nvidia company, Multi AI is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of the industry.

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